We are one of London's leading specialists in car window tinting and Glass Protection. All our car window tint services are completed to high standards with a careful attention to detail. We spend two or three times more time on a car than most car window tinting companies with a quality control processes which is simply unrivalled. The majority of installations we perform are with a multi-layered film that protects your vehicle's interior from the damaging effects of the sun. This has the following benefits: heat reduction, reduce fading, protection from UV rays, reduce glare and driver fatigue, increase safety and increase privacy.


Window tinting provides an immense array of benefits. Not only is it effective in blocking UV light and penetrating heat, but can also improve security and safety too.


If you're installing window tint to enhance your vehicle's kerb appeal, we have everything you need. The window tinting films installed by our technicians are sure to give your vehicle a factory-style appearance. Not only that, but we'll be glad to special order any films that we do not have on the shelf. We are able to tint all car makes and models including Saloons, Estates, Hatchbacks, MPVs, Convertibles, Coaches and more.


Increases security and privacy for occupants and valuables inside the vehicle, Reduces risk of injury from broken glass - vehicle windows can shatter in the event of an accident. When the film is applied it holds the glass together in one single piece, reducing risk of injury, thus improving health and safety. With our security film a thief may be able to crack the glass after prolonged effort but the tint-film holds the broken glass together, making entry much more difficult and time consuming for the criminal.

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